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Marubeni Group Health Declaration

The Marubeni Group has established the following Marubeni Group Health Declaration based on the Marubeni Group Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety.

Marubeni Group Health Declaration

Employees are a vital asset for the Marubeni Group, and their health is of paramount importance. Therefore, the Marubeni Group considers the maintenance and improvement of the health of its employees to be a top management priority.
The Marubeni Group supports employees’ success by working to create an environment where each individual can autonomously and proactively take steps to maintain and promote his or her health. These efforts will lead to the growth of the Marubeni Group.

Map of Health and Productivity Management Strategy

From health issues that could lead to solutions to management issues, we will ascertain how concrete initiatives connect with regard to the benefits and health maintenance and promotion that are expected, and promote health and productivity management.

Structures and Systems

Marubeni Health Promotion Structure

Marubeni has established the “Marubeni Health Promotion Structure,” under the responsibility of the director in charge of the Human Resources Department. This system promotes health and productivity management through the coordination of four groups: occupational physicians (Internal Medical Clinics), the Health Insurance Association, the Human Resources Department, and health and productivity management promotion officers selected from among the Company’s employees. Representatives of these groups meet at a Health Management Promotion Meeting to review health management measures and discuss future initiatives. The Health Management Promotion Committee, which is made up of representatives from occupational physicians (Internal Medical Clinics), the Health Insurance Association, and the Human Resources Department, meets twice a year to discuss health programs of the Health Insurance Association, various health management initiatives, and other matters relating to occupational health and safety in general.

The term “health and productivity management” is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Director in Charge Mutsumi Ishizuki (Senior Managing Executive Officer, CAO; Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources Dept., Chief Heath Management Officer)
Committee in Charge The Health Management Promotion Committee, Health Management Promotion Meeting
Department in Charge Human Resources Dept.

Marubeni Health Promotion Structure

In addition, a legally mandated Health Committee is chaired by the Chief Health and Safety Supervisor (General Manager of the Human Resources Department) and comprises members including health and productivity management promotion officers in each Business Division and the Corporate Staff Group, the Internal Medical Clinics (occupational physicians), and representatives of the labor union and the Health Insurance Association. The committee meets once a month to discuss various issues including health management and health and productivity management initiatives, improving the working environment, measures to tackle long working hours, and countermeasures for occupational accidents.

Marubeni Health Project Indicators

By establishing metrics and implementing various measures, we will aim for solutions to health issues. To check whether this series of initiatives is leading ultimately to improved employee work engagement, and further to solutions to management issues, we will conduct engagement surveys regularly.

Category Target Achievement Status (FYE 3/2021)
Medical Checkup Rate (Employees Working in Japan) 100% Each Year 99.0%
Medical Checkup Rate (Employees Working Overseas) 100% Each Year 63.1%
Rate of Employees Undergoing Stress Check Tests 90% or above Each Year 91.6%

Additionally, we set targets for implementation rate of specific health guidance (year-on-year increase), rate of employees undergoing specific health guidance(year-on-year decrease) and smoking rate (year-on-year decrease).


Marubeni Health Improvement Project

Under the Marubeni Health Improvement Project, Marubeni continues to implement various initiatives based on four key themes:

  1. Improving Health Literacy
  2. Strengthening countermeasures against cancer and lifestyle-related diseases
  3. Strengthening mental health measures
  4. Strengthening initiatives for maintaining and promoting women’s health
1. Improving Health Literacy

In cooperation with the Health Insurance Association and occupational physicians, Marubeni implements initiatives to improve employees’ health literacy.

Measures (Initial fiscal year) Overview
Establishment and announcement of health-related index (FYE 3/2020) Set and announced health indicators that the company values as “Marubeni Health Improvement Project Indicators.” Utilize the indicators for consistent consideration of measures based on fixed-point reviews.
Participated in corporate actions promoting measures against cancer (FYE 3/2020) Encouraged cancer screening by distributing pamphlets and displaying posters.
Utilizing health management app (FYE 3/2020) Improved health literacy of employees and their families using health management app.
Introduced an app for health consultation and doctor/hospital referrals (FYE 3/2020) Conducted consultations on disease symptoms and health in chat-format and referrals to doctors and hospitals according to the individual’s preferences.
Implementing walking events (FYE 3/2019) Held walking events in conjunction with the health management app. Held in-house award presentation.
Participation rate of regular health checkups (FYE 3/2019) Strengthening of efforts to achieve 100% participation in regular health checkups. Focused efforts on ensuring participation in legally mandated regular health examinations, which play a significant role in early discovery and treatment of disease. Recommended participation to every employee yet to have a health checkup to achieve 100% participation every year.
Strengthening initiatives to provide healthy menu options at company cafeteria (FYE 3/2019) Held a health promotion campaign, provided special menu options to support blood donation, and labeled nutritional information.
Conducted health seminars (FYE 3/2018) Conducted seminars on various topics including sleep, oral healthcare, diet, etc., by outside experts to raise employees’ health awareness.
2. Strengthening Countermeasures Against Cancer and Lifestyle-related Diseases

Among our measures to maintain and promote health, we focus on countermeasures against cancer and lifestyle-related diseases and are implementing the following initiatives.

Measures (Initial fiscal year) Overview
Introduction of tumor marker tests (FYE 3/2021) Added tumor marker tests to the regular health checkups for employees who are 35 years old or older to support the early detection of cancer.
Expansion of cancer screening subsidies (FYE 3/2021) Expanded screening subsidies for prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer to support early detection.
Strengthening anti-smoking measures (FYE 3/2019) Expansion of smoking cessation treatment cost subsidies, implementation of smoking cessation treatment programs, and introduction of smoking cessation app.
Strengthening measures for employees eligible for Specific Health Guidance (FYE 3/2019) Provided health and nutrition guidance from occupational physicians, public health nurses, and registered dieticians at our company medical clinic not only to employees aged 40 and above who qualify for Specific Health Checkups but also to junior employees. To improve the rate of receiving guidance, the HR Department recommends that eligible employees receive medical examinations.
Implementation of Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) treatment program at company medical clinic (FYE 3/2018) Started sleep apnea syndrome screening and treatment at our company medical clinic.
Implementation of three-month intensive program (FYE 3/2018) Ran a program aimed at improving lifestyle and exercise habits.
In addition to a total of eight lectures and exercises, the program aims to eliminate metabolic syndrome through daily dietary guidance and exercise. The percentage of employees who maintained an appropriate weight was 67.1% in FYE 3/2019, 66.8% in FYE 3/2020, and 69.9% in FYE 3/2021.
Introduced fully subsidized brain checkups (FYE 3/2016) and comprehensive medical checkups (FYE 3/2015) Fully subsidized comprehensive medical checkups for employees in the fiscal year in which they reach ages 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55, as well as brain checkups for employees in the fiscal year in which they reach ages 45, 50, and 55.
(Implemented ongoing partial subsidy for comprehensive medical checkups for employees aged 35 and over, aside from at the ages specified above.)
Also began offering fully subsidized comprehensive medical checkups and brain checkups for employees who have retired at the mandatory retirement age.
Strengthening health guidance from registered dieticians (FYE 3/2011) Established a system for registered dieticians to provide specialized nutritional management and guidance, etc., at our company medical clinic.
Strengthening health guidance from public health nurses (FYE 3/2009) Established a system for public health nurses to provide individual health guidance and consultations, etc., at our company medical clinic.
Introduction of H. pylori testing (FYE 3/2009) Added H. pylori test to health examination to enhance early detection of and treatment for diseases such as stomach cancer.
Implementation of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C testing (late 1990s) Added viral hepatitis testing to health examination to enhance prevention and early detection of cirrhosis and liver cancer.
3. Strengthening Mental Health Measures

Marubeni recognizes mental health as an important issue for improving occupational health and safety and is taking the following measures for employees and their families.

Measures (Initial fiscal year) Overview
Introduction of support services to assist employees returning to work who have had mental health issues (FYE 3/2019) Provided support for employees returning to work who have had mental health issues through counseling before and after their return.
Expansion of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services; promotion of EAP service use; trial counseling implementation (FYE 3/2019) Offered counseling sessions on a trial basis to all new employees and newly appointed junior managers in order to raise awareness of EAP services and strengthen self-care and line care. Also, provided self-check and mental health study programs and articles on the intranet to promote accurate knowledge and awareness of mental health care and to assist employees in monitoring their own mental condition.
Implementing stress checks (FYE 3/2017) Conducted stress checks for employees at all offices in Japan and overseas (including seconded employees), including offices where there is no legal requirement.
Introduction of EAP services (FYE 3/2007) Established consultation desk at our company medical clinics and in the HR Department. Established external counselor consultation desk, available to employees and their families on a 24-hour, year-round basis.
Expansion of examination times for mental health outpatients at company medical clinics (FYE 3/2007) Increased number of examination times for mental-health related outpatients from one to two a week.
Mental health care-related training (FYE 3/2007) Conducted training related to mental health care for new employees, line managers, employees posted overseas and their families.
Created and distributed a manual with information about mental health care and consultation desks.
4. Strengthening Initiatives for Maintaining and Promoting Women’s Health

Marubeni recognizes maintaining and promoting women’s health as an issue to be addressed and will strengthen the following initiatives going forward.

Measures (Initial fiscal year) Overview
Introduction of tumor marker tests (FYE 3/2021) Added tumor marker tests to the regular health checkups for employees who are 35 years old or older and supported the early detection of cancer.
Expansion of subsidies for cervical and breast cancer screening (FYE 3/2021) Expanded subsidies for cervical and breast cancer screening and supported the early detection of cancer.
Implementation of seminars to raise literacy regarding maintaining and promoting women’s health (FYE 3/2019) Held seminars by external experts to increase awareness of all employees regarding maintaining and promoting women’s health.
Establishment of dedicated health consultation desk for women (FYE 3/2019) Established a consultation desk for women’s health issues.
Dissemination of articles on “Maintaining and Promoting Women’s Health Maintenance” to all employees (FYE 3/2019) Used company-wide notification system to spread knowledge about maintaining and promoting women’s health to all employees.

Other Policies and Initiatives

Appropriate Working Hour Management and Leave Policies

The Marubeni Group has established the following policies and initiatives regarding working hour management in order to realize sustainable growth through improved productivity and a working style that takes into consideration the safety and health of our employees.


  • Reducing long working hours and ensuring proper working hour management.
  • Marubeni creates a work environment where employees can maintain and care for their health, engage in work with enhanced well-being, and produce high quality results efficiently.


  • Establishing Guidelines
    From the perspective of occupational safety (i.e. health management), our guidelines stipulate compliance under Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act, the reduction of long working hours, appropriate working hour management, and monitoring working hours for those in management and supervisory roles, who are traditionally outside the scope of working hour management.
  • Addressing Employees with Longer Working Hours
    At Marubeni, the Human Resources Department regularly conducts individual interviews with departments that consistently register long working hours to check on which measures they are taking to improve this situation. This helps reduce the number of employees who are constantly working long hours.
  • Establishment of Special Leave Systems
    In addition to annual paid leave, Marubeni also offers its own unique special leave systems, such as all-season special leave, family support leave, and recharge leave. Every employee is encouraged to concentrate fully on work during work hours and to take time to fully relax during vacation periods.
Measures to Combat COVID-19 Infection

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and health of our employees and stakeholders, and we are striving to achieve a balance between the prevention of the spread of infection and our business activities by thoroughly establishing appropriate behaviors and working environments. Based on the policies and guidelines set forth by the government and local authorities, we have established and made known to all employees our policies regarding attendance at work, business trips, dinners, and so forth, and in the event of an outbreak of illness or infection among employees, we place the highest priority on preventing the spread of infection.

Establishment of Company Medical Clinics

The company medical clinics at the Tokyo Head Office and Osaka Branch play an important role in promoting health management. At the Tokyo Head Office medical clinic, specialist departments for internal medicine, dermatology, radiology, neuropsychiatric, and dental services are available for employees at any time. Regular annual and specified health examinations are conducted by the company medical clinics, and based on the results, employees can receive follow-up services including re-testing and other treatment for lifestyle diseases, as well as health guidance from an occupational physician, public health nurse, or registered dietician.

Initiatives on Global Health Issues

Marubeni is expanding its business globally around the world. HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria are serious problems in some of these countries/regions.
We take appropriate and timely measures against infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, overseas and in Japan.
Overseas, we strive to collect information and understand the situation regarding the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases in collaboration with occupational physicians, based on information provided by the WHO and local authorities, and on-site surveys. Employees and their families receive health examinations prior to travel overseas, as well as vaccinations against infectious diseases that pose a risk at overseas postings. Furthermore, when employees based in Japan travel to areas where there is a high risk of infection, they are given appropriate cautions and business trips are restricted if necessary.
In Japan, we offer vaccinations against influenza to all employees, and our company medical clinics offer vaccinations against infectious diseases such as measles, rubella, and mumps. Furthermore, the Health Insurance Association subsidizes employee vaccinations at external medical institutions.

Initiatives of Group Companies

Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (“Maynilad”), which provides water and waste water services to the West Zone of the Metropolitan Manila area in the Philippines with a population of 11 million, has been conducting programs on health issues, measures to prevent infections, and hygiene education for its employees and local residents.
For its employees, Maynilad provides opportunity of regular physical examinations, in addition, care for their monitoring after physical examination results. From 2009, Maynilad has provided vaccination at reduced price each year for influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, chickenpox, rabies, tetanus, cervical cancer, etc., and in 2020, it vaccinated 2,563 employees and family members. Furthermore, it carried out 9,917 antibody tests in total for its employees and employees of contractors engaged in construction to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
On-site employees engaged in waste water service were also provided with rabies and tetanus vaccinations, free of charge.
Education programs for local residents, who are the customers of Maynilad, to deepen their understanding of the importance of hand-washing and maintaining a hygiene environment have also been conducted, while disinfectant alcohol, gloves, masks, etc. were donated to 14 school districts covering 975 public schools.

  • Lectures to residents of our service area
    Lectures to residents of our service area
  • Lectures to residents of our service area
    Lectures to residents of our service area

Click here to view Maynilad’s initiatives

Support for Expatriates and Their Families

Currently, there are approximately 900 Marubeni employees and around 650 of their family members living overseas on assignment from Japan. Ensuring the health of employees and their families is essential for enabling expatriates to perform at their best.
Before and during overseas assignments, we conduct health examinations and training for employees and their families to get an accurate appraisal of their health status and to raise their awareness about disease prevention and health maintenance. We place particular emphasis on health examinations to achieve prevention and early treatment of diseases, and in addition to the legally mandated examination for employees assigned overseas, we require each employee to undertake annual health examinations during their assignments. We aim to achieve 100% participation by following up on employees who have not had their examinations. We also offer annual health examinations and examinations after repatriation to accompanying family members. If health examination services are not available at the overseas assignment location, our system for subsidizing travel to a nearby area with advanced medical facilities or to Japan ensures peace of mind for our employees. We encourage both employees and their families to consult with occupational physicians regarding examination results and their daily health status.
In the event of a dramatic outbreak of COVID-19 or a rapid deterioration of the medical environment in a foreign country, employees and their families posted to the country concerned will be repatriated as necessary.
We have systems in place to transport people to a nearby area with advanced medical facilities or Japan in the case of an emergency so that they can receive the necessary treatment. We also partner with specialist organizations to provide nursing care support for employees’ family members living apart from them in Japan.

Initiatives on Crisis Management

We recognize that people at every business site of the Marubeni Group in Japan and overseas are exposed to various risks, including acts of terrorism, natural disasters, civil unrest, robbery, traffic accidents, aviation accidents, injury, and disease. In particular, we have positioned crisis management at overseas locations as a highly important Company measure. When an incident occurs, we make the safety of employees and their families our primary concern. As such, we strive to foster everyday awareness of crises, and we have established a permanent Overseas Crisis Management Headquarters that is able to respond immediately should a crisis occur.
Specifically, the Overseas Crisis Management Headquarters has prepared a manual summarizing crisis management measures, such as initial actions to be taken in the event of a crisis, and conducts crisis management training for employees who are assigned overseas and their accompanying family members. We have a system in place for gathering and analyzing the latest public security information from areas around the world and share it with the relevant people. In the event of an emergency, we have established a system in which relevant parties can centrally manage information and make timely and accurate decisions and actions in cooperation with overseas bases.


Regular Health Check-ups and Stress Check Tests

  FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020 FYE 3/2021
Participation in regular health check-ups in Japan (legally mandated) 99.2% 99.7% 99.0%
Participation in regular health check-ups overseas 92.0% 81.0% 63.1%
Number of Stress Check Tests respondents (response rate) 89.4% 91.9% 91.6%

Training and Education in Health Management

Program Outline Number of participants
(FYE 3/2019)
Number of participants
(FYE 3/2020)
Number of participants
(FYE 3/2021)
Package program for new graduates Lecture by head of the medical clinic on “safety and health management” 121 105 115
Mental health Lecture by head of the medical clinic on “working hour management, health management, and mental health care” from the perspective of developing subordinates 166 94 210
Training for new GM for Dept. Lecture on “working hour management, health management, and mental health care” 24 34 25
Promoted training for Administrative Class (upper tier) Lecture on “working hour management, health management, and mental health care” 22 15 12
4th-year training for Junior Professional Grade*1 Lecture on “working hour management, health management, and mental health care” 99 96 0
4th-year training for Administrative Class*1 Lecture on “working hour management, health management, and mental health care” 25 37 0
Career development Lecture on “health management” 182 190 47
  1. : The Program was suspended in FYE 3/2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic and postponed to FYE 3/2022 with anti-COVID-19 measures.
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