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GC2021 Group Human Resources Strategy

Marubeni HR Ecosystem

For Marubeni, we regard human capital as our most valuable asset. This is the thinking behind the “Marubeni Group HR Strategy,” which is included in the Medium-Term Management Strategy GC2021. The goal is to create a “Marubeni HR Ecosystem” that promotes the involvement of each Marubeni Group employee to create new value as part of the “Global Crossvalue Platform”.

The key terms here are “Human Capital with High Social Value,” “Diversity & Inclusion,” and a “Culture of Individual Development and Productivity.” We aim to build the “Marubeni HR Ecosystem” as a place where “Human Capital with High Social Value” creates new value, “Diversity & Inclusion” increases value creation, and a “Culture of Active Participation and Connectivity” provides open innovation in order to bring together internal and external ideas.

In order to achieve this goal, we are conducting comprehensive reforms of our HR systems to further strengthen alignment with management strategies, to construct a framework where diverse human capital can develop and thrive, and to promote the creation of opportunities for establishing connections that transcend companies and organizations.


HR System Reforms
Mission-oriented HR system
  • Alignment with strategy
    New annual review system for grade and remuneration based on the role and contribution of employees as defined by their organization’s respective missions, which reflect the organizational strategy (for managerial-track employees)
  • Performance-oriented and challenge-driven
    Ensure that remuneration is performance-oriented and market-valued and encourage employees to take on challenges towards larger-scale missions that develop human capital and execute strategy.
Utilization of diverse talent
  • Diversity in recruitment
    Promote diversity in recruitment: open calendar graduate recruitment, recruiting more leaders and people for specific jobs, aim for 40-50% female employee recruitment.
  • More flexible workstyles and careers
    Provide workplaces designed to realize the potential of every individual by increasing flexibility for working hours and location and creating area-specific pathways for career-track positions.
Open innovation approach
  • Talent that crosses over individual companies and organizations
    The job-matching system based on internal and external recruitment/transfer programs was expanded. To promote value creation by bringing together diverse ideas, the 15% Rule, which allows employees to become involved in work from different divisions, and the Crosshelp initiative, which sources short-term assistance internally, were introduced. To incentivize helping other divisions through added bonuses, the Crossvalue Coin initiative was introduced.
HR Systems Centered on Mission
Mission-oriented HR System
Missions based on “implementing organizational strategy” and “developing human capital”
  • Pursuing improvement of long-term corporate value by implementing strategies in each organization.
  • Enhancing the ability of the organization to implement strategies by assigning missions according to ability and particular attributes and increasing the contribution of human capital.
  • Promoting the growth of human capital and increasing social value by boldly challenging larger missions that contribute to strategy implementation and working hard together*1.
  • To enable each employee to take on the challenges of his or her assigned role and goals, we set missions through active communication between the employee and his or her superior, conduct a year-end evaluation and give feedback to the employee, and set missions for the following year based on the results of the evaluation. This continuous cycle is closely connected with the employee’s individual abilities and career development.

HR Systems Centered on Mission

Structures and Systems

Marubeni Diversity Management

Marubeni Diversity Management


Marubeni Diversity Management



Empowering Female Employees

Marubeni is working to strengthen recruitment and training of women for career-track positions, to dispatch them overseas proactively, and to create an environment where they can play an active role regardless of life events. As of October 1, 2020, there are 359 women (10.8% of all career-track positions) working in Japan and overseas. Many women in this track are either relatively junior or mid-career and are expected to play an even more active role as candidates for future managerial positions.
In addition, in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace, we have formulated Phase 2 of the General Employer Action Plan for the next five years starting from April 1, 2021. Under this action plan, we have set targets for the ratio of new female graduates hired for career-track positions, the ratio of female employees in all career-track positions, the ratio of female employees in all managerial-track positions, and the ratio of employees who take annual paid leave, and we will focus further on encouraging the success of women in the workplace.

Action Plan for Empowering Female Employees (Phase 2: April 1, 2021–March 31, 2026)

Click here to view Action Plan (Japanese only)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Database (Japanese only)


I. Providing equal opportunities for women

  • Ratio of female new graduates hired for career-track positions will be raised from the current 20-30% to around 40-50% within three years (by April 1, 2024).
  • Ratio of females in all career-track positions will be at least 15%.
  • Ratio of females in all managerial-track positions will be at least 10%.

II. Establishing an environment conducive to balancing work and family life

  • Increasing the annual paid leave utilization rate to at least 70%.
Ratio of females in all career-track positions


Ratio of females in all career-track positions


Ratio of females in all managerial-track positions


Ratio of females in all managerial-track positions


Employees Posted Overseas (As of April 1, 2021)

Employees Posted Overseas (As of April 1, 2021)


Employees Posted Overseas (As of April 1, 2021)


BENInovation Program

Diversity is upheld as one of the Group’s HR strategies in the Medium-term Management Strategy GC2021. While the diversity targeted by Marubeni is not necessarily focused on gender, conscious efforts toward female employee development have become one of the key issues, amid expectations for the further advancement of women. We have been implementing the “BENInovation Program,” a program that primarily targets early to mid-career female career-track staff and their immediate managers, to encourage these staff to take on greater challenges and to strengthen diversity management. Starting from FYE 3/2020, certain programs have been opened to all employees who wish to participate, regardless of gender or position.

“Kick-off Sessions” for early to mid-career female career-track staff and their immediate managers “Career Sessions” for early-career female career-track staff
Keynote lectures on the essence of management that promotes diversity, the necessity of changing the mindset of female employees, and changing the awareness of female employee’s immediate managers, etc. Group work to envision a more proactive career by playing a role as future managerial-track staff and taking into account future life events

With the increasing number of dual-income households and diversified workstyles and family situations, the Company is implementing measures to provide the necessary support and environment for employees who will be posted overseas and will be accompanied only by their children. By doing so, the Company ensures that the right people can be placed in/promoted to the right positions in the right places and that these individuals can achieve ongoing career and skills development. Specifically, we provide support to ensure overseas postings are trouble-free and help to prepare a suitable environment for overseas postings by providing a pre-post visit, creating childcare checksheets for posting destinations, and covering part of the cost of essential childcare services. These support measures were introduced in April 2018.

Marubeni International Women’s Day

March 8 is designated as International Women's Day by the United Nations and since FYE 3/2018, we have held Marubeni International Women's Day (IWD) on this day each year to support active working women. In FYE 3/2021, we implemented two programs as part of IWD: “Presentation and Discussion with Marubeni Women Regarding Working Overseas and Developing One’s Career” and “Empowering Women and Promoting Female Inclusion at Agrovista.”

■Program 1: Presentation and Discussion with Marubeni Women Regarding Working Overseas and Developing One’s Career
This was an opportunity for two speakers currently working overseas to share with the entire Company their career stories from the time they joined the company to the time they were posted overseas, their experiences of how they have been empowered by their colleagues and superiors, and their experiences while working overseas.

■Program 2: Empowering Women and Promoting Female Inclusion at Agrovista
In the traditionally male-dominated agricultural industry in the UK, Marubeni Group company Agrovista UK Ltd. is striving to create an attractive workplace for women, actively recruiting women, supporting them in the workplace, and promoting them into management positions. The current situation in Europe, a region known for being advanced in the area of gender equality and empowerment of women in the workforce, and Agrovista’s challenges and initiatives towards supporting female employees were shared by the company's president and human resources department manager.

Events commemorating IWD were also held at several of our overseas offices and Group companies.

Creating an Environment and Network to Promote the Participation of Diverse Human Resources

Marubeni Global Mobility Program

Through the Marubeni Global Mobility Program, Group employees from overseas offices, who are also future candidates for executive positions at their respective offices, are seconded to Marubeni Headquarters in Tokyo and Group companies in other countries for a set period of time. By expanding opportunities to gain experience at Marubeni Headquarters and overseas/domestic Group companies, Marubeni promotes the active participation of diverse human capital across the world.

Marubeni Diversity Days

Marubeni Diversity Days was held for the first time in FYE 3/2022 with individual events under the themes of “Diversity as a Corporate Growth Strategy,” “Unconscious Bias,” “Disability Inclusion,” “Multicultural Co-creation in the Workplace,” and “Learning More about LGBTQ.” These events were held to deepen understanding regarding why diversity is important, how to create a corporate culture and workplace that leverages the strengths of diverse individuals, and what kind of impact diversity can have on corporate growth. Several employees participated over the five-day event, and through lectures and panel discussions by external speakers and Marubeni Group employees, employees had the opportunity to learn more about diversity and reaffirm its importance.

Marubeni Group Workshop

The Marubeni Group Workshop is held annually for selected managers from Marubeni Group companies to deepen their understanding of the Marubeni Group and share information regarding their respective businesses. This workshop also promotes networking among Group employees from diverse backgrounds who are active in Japan and other countries.

Opportunities for Senior Employees

The Continuing Employment System has been introduced to make full use of the abundant knowledge and experience possessed by our more senior personnel, covering in principle employees over the age of 60 years who wish to continue working after normal retirement age. (As of April 1, 2021, 211 employees are currently working under the Continuing Employment System.) For the HR system reforms for FYE 3/2021, in addition to realizing mission-based compensation, enhanced measures to support senior careers have also been implemented.
With the aim of ensuring that each senior employee can (1) define and choose their unique career path and (2) be able to grow and work actively with a sense of fulfillment both inside and outside the Group, and that the Company/organization (1) promotes the right people into the right jobs, regardless of age or years with the company, so that strengths and experience can be fully utilized and (2) supports employees who wish to pivot their careers outside of the Marubeni Group, the Career Counseling Section was established within the Human Resources Department to further the roles of senior personnel in the workplace.

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

The Marubeni Office Support Corporation was established in 2008 as a special-purpose subsidiary*2 of Marubeni designed to provide workplaces that accommodate the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Special-purpose subsidiary: a subsidiary that has been certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as satisfying the conditions specified in the Act on Employment Promotion of People with Disabilities. The number of workers with disabilities employed by such a subsidiary can be included in the calculation of the employment rate of people with disabilities of the parent company.

In March 2016, Marubeni Office Support Corporation was one of 21 companies from across Japan to receive certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a superior company that actively employs people with mental and other disabilities. In addition, in December 2020, it became the first company in Tokyo to receive the “Monisu Certification” mark, awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises excelling in the employment of persons with disabilities. As of April 2021, the company has a combined total of 66 employees with disabilities and 10 employees without disabilities working in Tokyo and Osaka and aims to be a company where employees help each other and grow together. Employees with physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities engage in a variety of tasks, including business card printing, document PDF conversion, building cleaning, in-house logistics, general office work, and welfare support.

As of April 2021, Marubeni Corporation and the Marubeni Office Support Corporation employ a total of 98 people with disabilities, an employment rate of 2.72% that exceeds the legally-prescribed minimum employment rate.

Marubeni Corporation and the Marubeni Office Support Corporation will continue striving to create workplaces where all people can work, regardless of disabilities.

Fair Recruiting and Hiring Practices

Marubeni's fundamental hiring policy is to select applicants according to their capabilities and competence based on a fair recruitment process in which no form of discrimination is tolerated.
For example, we use an “open entry” system that offers equal opportunity regardless of citizenship, home country, gender, disability, or alma mater. Moreover, the job application form does not ask for details such as home country, religion, family situation, or any other information not required for us to determine an applicant's capabilities and competence. During interviews, we respect each applicant's basic human rights by avoiding inappropriate questions and select employees based only on capabilities and competence.
To ensure that fair recruiting activities are conducted across the entire Marubeni Group, we have created the Marubeni Recruiting Manual and strive to ensure that our policies are thoroughly understood across Marubeni Group companies.

Recruiting Diverse, Top Talent

For diverse and talented individuals to choose Marubeni, we have implemented the following unique recruiting initiatives.

1. “No. 1” Recruitment (New Graduates)

Marubeni aims to be a “general trading company that surpasses traditional frameworks.” In order to expand the diversity of our business and human capital, we implement a recruitment scheme where applicants, under the theme of being “Number 1,” apply and are evaluated based on explaining and showcasing their strengths and how they are “Number 1” in their respective field(s) of expertise.
(Examples: winning competitions and contests, making inventions and obtaining patents, submitting research papers, receiving high evaluations at international academic conferences, etc.)

2. Career Vision Recruitment

This recruitment scheme hires new graduates who have a vision of what they want to do, and people in their early careers who have limited work experience but also have a vision for what they want to achieve at Marubeni. Marubeni believes that individuals with a clear career vision will strengthen the company as a whole.

Promotion of Work/Life Management

We are promoting work/life management as a foundation for employees with diverse backgrounds to create results. We aim to achieve “continuous career development” and “continuous performance” regardless of an employee’s stage in life. We are also carrying out various follow-up measures that allow employees to utilize specific programs when needed.





Major Measures Related to Work/Life Management
Maternity and Parenting Support Measures

In addition to self-management by individuals who take advantage of this system, we are working to create a system built on mutual cooperation, one that is understood by the managers and the workers around them, fosters mutual respect, and can be utilized effectively regardless of gender. This system offers programs that go further than what the law requires such as “Maternity leave,” which can be used during pregnancy; “Family support leave” to support not only children but also other family members including spouses; and “Shorter work hours” and “Childcare flex-care leave” to enable flexible work-hours. There is also a system known as “Ikumen (father childcare) leave” that allows part of the childcare leave to be taken as paid leave in order to encourage male employees to take paternity leave.

Providing Information to Deepen Understanding

In addition to distributing the Pregnancy and Childcare Support Handbook, a three-way meeting is conducted among the employee going on maternity or childcare leave, their immediate manager, and a representative from HR (if the employee’s spouse is also a Marubeni employee, the spouse and their supervisor are included in the meeting). In addition to conducting interviews with employees prior to their return to work, we distribute a pre-return checklist to supervisors and provide other information to deepen their understanding of these HR programs.

Follow-up Meetings after Returning to Work

We conduct periodic group meetings with more senior employees to support internal networking among workers who have come back to work after childcare leave and to share information including expertise and ideas on how to create systems for balancing work and parenting.

Securing Places at Childcare Facilities

Marubeni introduced a childcare support allowance for returning employees, which covers part of the cost of childcare services, so that employees can return to work when they want to. In FYE 3/2019, we began securing permanent places at a daycare center near our Tokyo HQ office to support employees in returning to work smoothly.

Marubeni Family Day
Marubeni Family Day

From FYE 3/2011, we have held the “Marubeni Kids Project – Visiting Mom and Dad at Work” as an annual event mainly for children of elementary school age. In FYE 3/2019, we expanded this event at the Tokyo Head Office into “Marubeni Family Day,” featuring additional events for employees and their spouses. These events are an opportunity for deepening understanding of the company and work that employees are involved with, thereby cultivating Marubeni Group supporters, and for the Company, employees, and their families to consider the balance between work and private life.





Nursing Care Support Programs

We live in a world characterized by declining birthrates, an aging population, fewer siblings, more people remaining single, and more dual income households. This means that nursing care, which was traditionally taken care of mostly by stay-at-home family members, is now an issue that working family members must take the initiative in addressing. Marubeni has established support programs so that employees can balance working and caring for relatives while playing an active work role in the medium and long term.

Providing Information to Deepen Understanding

Marubeni has created and distributes a Family Care Handbook and has also been holding nursing care seminars on various topics from FYE 3/2011, with a cumulative total of 1,400 participants. The handbook and seminars not only explain our programs but also strongly encourage employees to seek external professional help rather than trying to take on nursing care themselves, so that they can better manage their situation and balance work with nursing care.

Partnership with External Services Including Personal Consultations and Remote Nursing Care

We provide free consultation by telephone, email, or in person in collaboration with Umi wo Koeru Care no Te, an NPO dedicated to supporting nursing care. We have also concluded contracts with various companies to make elderly monitoring services available to employees. As part of such services, online security systems are installed at the homes of parents who live far away or are alone during the day, thereby enabling 24-hour monitoring and emergency calls.

Family care


Family care



Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities

  FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020 FYE 3/2021
Employment rate of persons with disabilities (%)*3 2.57 2.69 2.58
  3. : Figures are the combined total for Marubeni Corporation and the certified special-purpose subsidiary, Marubeni Office Support Corporation (as of March 1).

Working Hours, Overtime Hours, Usage Situation of Work-life Balance System

  FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020 FYE 3/2021
Average total actual working hours per year*4 2,024.9 2,012.4 2,086.1
Average overtime hours per month*4 20.0 19.0 20.0
Average use of vacation time per year (days)*5 12.78 12.71 9.55
Usage of annual paid leave (%)*4 56.3 54.0 41.0
No. of employees who took maternity leave*6 43 55 58
No. of employees who took childcare leave*7 54 105 100
No. of employees who took childcare leave (male) 14 51 48
Return rate (after childcare leave) (%)*8 91.5 96.8 98.9
No. of employees who took nursing care leave*7 0 0 0
No. of employees who took volunteer leave*7 7 37 0
  4. : Figures for Marubeni Corporation.
  5. : Figures for Marubeni Corporation. The vacation includes annual paid holidays and other special vacation.
  6. : Figures for Marubeni Corporation. Indicates the total number of people who used leave in the fiscal year, including those who used the leave continuously from the previous fiscal year.
  7. : Figures for Marubeni Corporation. Indicates the cumulative total number of people who started using leave in the fiscal year. The leave taken within eight weeks after childbirth (so-called "Paternity Leave") and subsequent Parental Leave shall be counted as one person each.
  8. : Figures for Marubeni Corporation. Indicates the ratio of people who returned to work of those who ended using the childcare leave in the fiscal year.
Marubeni Corporation